Hall Prices
400 Gym & MPR $1,680.00 (GST included)                         Security Deposit: $500
Rate is from 8pm till 1am.
(Security/Damage Deposit is refundable after completion of final walkthrough)

​Rental Includes:
1. Ice & Mix (2L pop)
2. Three/Four (3/4) bartenders
3. Beer cups and shot cups
4. Set up and take down (tables & chairs)
Note: Orange juice, Clamato juice, lemons, limes, milk, coffee and tea are your responsibility. (Limit of 45 2L bottles of Pop)
Your Responsibilities are:
1. Provide Liquor Permit & supply liquor / decorations etc.
2. Clean kitchen at the end of function
3. Remove all decorations
4. Clear tables
5. Remove all garbage and recycling to bins located outside
6. Remove all liquor and empties from building
Access into the building for dropping off only liquor or food is at 10am and no earlier. You are then allowed access for decorating and prepping from 1pm (no earlier as staff is setting up for you function) until 5pm only.


  • A cancellation fee of 10% of the contract amount if cancellation is confirmed more then 30 days prior to your event.

  • A cancellation less than 30 days prior to your event. will result in a forfeiture of the amount on your contract.

262 Gym & MPR $1,800.00 (GST included                      Security Deposit: $500.00
*Rate is from 5pm – 1am
262 Gym & MPR $1000 (GST included)                             Security Deposit: $300.00
*Rate is from 5pm – 12am